Important News!



The Lexile Framework has been great for matching kids to books and this still exists as part of the new Literacy Pro platform. The children will still sit a Lexile test on the new site and will be matched to an appropriately levelled text. The difference is that by using the new Literacy Pro site, students will have access to all quizzes for every book (hooray!). As well as this, the teachers are given much more information about the way your child reads and how their reading is developing. This data will then drive the teacher’s planning and instruction for future Reading lessons within the classroom.

Literacy Pro will assist your child in their own reading development by guiding them towards texts that will challenge them, but not frustrate them. These books will also be matched to their interests. It is so important that the students are sitting the quiz at the conclusion of the book, so that the students’ comprehension of the texts that they encounter is monitored and assessed each time.

There is a link to the new Literacy Pro on our school website. Be sure to bookmark this on your home computers, iPads, tablets etc.  You will find it under the classroom tab on the menu.