Focus Area 3 : Recognising and reporting abuse

Parents and Carers can support their child to:

  • know and use the correct names for all body parts
  • understand that they are in charge of their whole body (including private body parts and the mouth) and no one has the right to touch them without their permission
  • know the difference between safe and unsafe touching, eg Safe – if two friends agree to hold hands or hug; Unsafe – touching private body parts unless receiving medical treatment by a trusted adult, doctor or nurse
  • understand that some touch may be uncomfortable but necessary, eg when going to the doctor or dentist
  • practise saying ‘No’ and ‘Stop it’ if they feel unsafe or are being touched in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable
  • know how to recognise abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, neglect), eg being hurt, seeing others being abused, being touched inappropriately, no food or clean clothes
  • understand who they can seek help from in the community if they are lost or unsafe, eg police officer, shopkeeper, bus driver – identified by their job and uniform
  • know how to use the internet safely and respectfully (under supervision)
  • know the difference between safe and unsafe secrets, tricks and threats, eg safe – surprise birthday present; unsafe – private parts touching, being threatened with punishment or tricked with gifts. If unsure, talk to a trusted adult.