Focus Area 2 : Relationships

Parents and Carers can support their child to:

  • understand that we all have rights, eg the right to be safe, the right to be cared for, the right to be listened to
  • know the difference between things they may want such as chocolate or toys, and things they need such as healthy food, education and a safe place to live
  • understand relationships with their family, friends and others, and safe ways to interact (if consensual and trusted), eg hug, kiss, shake hands, wave
  • recognise what bullying behaviour looks like and what to do if they or someone else is being bullied, eg tell the person to stop, walk away, talk to a trusted adult
  • understand that personal power can be used positively and negatively, eg letting another child join in the game, not taking turns on the swings
  • know what to do if someone tells them to do something that feels unsafe
  • identify trusted people at home, in the family, at school and in the community. Include a support service such as Kids Helpline
  • practise talking to the people on their trusted network and know how to get help if they need it.