Focus Area 1 : The right to be safe

Parents and Carers can support their child to:

  • understand different feelings and emotions, eg happy, sad, scared, angry, surprised
  • show a variety of feelings and know that we all need to express our feelings and emotions
  • understand what being safe means and what makes a place safe. Reinforce in a range of environments, eg at home, at school, at the park, at the shops
  • know what a warning sign might look and feel like, eg butterflies in tummy, heart beating fast, shivering, can’t move
  • understand what they can do if they experience warning signs, eg tell a trusted adult
  • recognise safe and unsafe situations and risk-taking, eg using scissors, crossing the road, going on the monkey bar for the first time, talking to unknown people
  • understand what an emergency looks like and sounds like and know what they can do if one occurs, eg tell a trusted adult, dial 000.