The Arts is a highly valued Learning are at Mary’s Mount Primary School. We offer programs from an early age that develop individual creativity and self-expression. Many opportunities exist to recognise students who excel in the Performing Arts. Students from Kindy to Year Six participate in Visual Art and Music classes each week.










Students from Year Three to Six can join our school choir. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to participate in massed choral singing at masses, the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, One Big Voice and the Stirk Festival.





In 2022 the Make a Move Performance Program will be introduced. This is an exciting program that focuses on teaching students the skills to create their own unique dance showcase to perform. Students are part of the creative process and choreograph their own class dances. A dance troupe will also be introduced for students in Year Four to Six. This group will be working on a creative piece for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival.





Individual music tuition is offered through the Focus Music Program. Instrumental teachers offer 30-minute lessons on various instruments of choice.