About Mary’s Mount Week

Mary’s Mount Week is celebrated annually by the students, teachers and community at Mary’s Mount Primary School. It is held during the week of St Emilie De Vialar’s feast day (17 June) and is a wonderful time of prayer, reflection, tradition and community.


Mary’s Mount Week is a celebration of our past, present and future communities.

We remember our heritage and as St Emilie De Vialar, the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition has her feast day on June 17 we have a very special whole school Mass when we invite our community and the Sisters to attend because it was them that brought our Christ centered education to hundreds of children in the hills of the Darling Scarp.

90th Celebration 2011TRADITION

We celebrate our past and present school community and thank God for the wonderful gifts and talents we have received and learnt to use in positive ways to help others less fortunate. Just as St Emilie taught the local children of Gaillac, France about God and brought the love of Christ back into the lives of the poor, sick and imprisoned so we endeavour to reflect and practice her ways. We usually have a grandparent’s morning tea and share stories, pictures and photos about Mary’s Mount Primary School and all those who have enjoyed time here.

Historical DisplaysWISDOM

Just like Emilie we try to listen to God and learn what his plan is for us. We strive for knowledge and excellence in the big and small things in our lives and with Jesus as our guide we hope to develop wisdom that grows with us. We write, draw and record our memories of our school for ourselves and future generations and we visit our Archives room in the old cottage to try to understand the rich heritage of Mary’s Mount bygone days.


We celebrate our unique school environment and Catholic tradition by finding ways of giving Jesus message of love to others wherever and whenever we can .We recognize that St Emilie and her Sisters tried to emulate Mary and St Joseph  who brought Christ into the world and into the lives of so many. We try to be missionaries in our homes and at school so that our actions reflect Jesus love for all of us. During Mary’s Mount Week we raise funds to send to the Sisters for their missions throughout the world where they are working to bring God’s love to many children less fortunate than us.

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