Kalamunda Music Academy – Instrument Lessons

Would you like a Trial Lesson before you enroll for Term 1? Call Kalamunda Music Academy to book a lesson at Mary’s Mount Primary School or at our Head Office in Forrestfield.

Kalamunda Music Academy offers on-site instrumental lessons at Mary’s Mount Primary School for our students during school hours. A range of instruments are offered including guitar, piano, drums and vocal.  Lessons are 30 minutes long once a week and combine learning an instrument with the fundamental aspects of music such as beat, pitch, rhythm and melody.

Students can commence lessons at any time during the year.

For information on the music program, please read the document below or contact Kalamunda Music Academy direct via info@kalamundamusicacademy.com.au

For more information on Kalamunda Music Academy, please read below –

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COMING IN 2017 – After School Lessons & Rock Band Program

For more information, phone 1300 568 742 or email info@kalamundamusicacademy.com.au