About the P&F

What is Mary’s Mount Primary School’s P&F?

The P&F stands for ‘Parents & Friends’ and is open to all parents and friends of the Mary’s Mount Primary School community.

P&F meetings are a great place to find out what is happening in the school, gain a better understanding about school policies and activities, make a comment, raise a concern or ask a question, and get to know other parents in our school community.

At Mary’s Mount Primary School, the P&F and the school have a very close and positive relationship. The P&F is one avenue you may like to explore to support the school in making Mary’s Mount Primary School an even better place for your children and our students.

What does the P&F do?

– Promotes a positive learning and social environment;
– Acts as a liaison between the school and parents;
– Supports Class Representatives;
– Is a forum for parents to find out what is happening and what is planned for the school;
– Raises funds to provide services, facilities and equipment for the school;
– Supports school services including the Uniform shop, School canteen and school vegetable garden;
– Provides support and advice to the Principal and Executive team;
– Represents parents e.g. on school committees such as Mary’s Mount School Board and in the development of school policy.

Who is involved in the P&F?

Any parent/carer is welcome to participate as a member of the P&F. Nominations take place annual at the P&F and Board Annual General Meeting.

All parents, staff and any other members of the school community are welcome to attend the meetings.

How do I get involved in the P&F?

There are many ways you can be involved in the P&F. You can attend meetings; volunteer at fundraisers/P&F events, volunteer in the Uniform Shop or Canteen; participate in the school busy bees; get involved on a sub-committee arranging an event of activity supported by the P&F; or be a parent representative for your child’s class.

P&F Meetings

The P&F meets each term in the multi-purpose room. Meeting dates can be found on the Term Planner, or in the latest newsletter.  The school Principal and executive staff members (when possible) attend. The meetings are friendly and everyone is welcome! A cuppa is always available. 

At the meetings each sub-committee provides a report on the month’s activities. The Principal and the President of the P&F provide reports on what’s happening around the school and fundraising activities, allocation of funds, resourcing and other issues are discussed.

How can I contact the P&F?

– By email pfmarysmount@gmail.com
– At a meeting
– Leave a note at the school office (please leave your contact details)

Meeting dates

Please check the school’s term planner for up-to-date P&F meeting dates.