The Role of a Class Representative 

The role of Class Representative is a central point of communication between families, the P&F Committee, teachers and the school administration office.

Ideally, it is a role that can be shared between two or more representatives from each class.

Duties can include:

– Organising class contact list and distribute to families accordingly; (please be aware that at times, for various reasons, there may be a family who wishes not to distribute their details). We can work communication means in another form for this.

– Organising welcome morning teas for new parents and providing information to them relevant to their class (eg. class contact list);

– Organising class get togethers such as morning teas, meals out, group family activities etc, to help create a good community feeling;

– Attend P&F Meetings to act as a source of information for parents unable to attend;

– Liaise on behalf of the P&F with parents.  For example:

– Ask for donations of baked goods for event (eg morning/afternoon teas, fundraising events).

– Principal may ask class representatives to anonymously help families in need (eg. Ask for meals to be donated from other class families.)

Class representatives are NOT expected to:

– Buy gifts for students leaving the class or staff (at the end of the year) – this is not encouraged.

– See Teachers, Acting Principals or the Principal in relation to class issues or concerns on behalf of other parents.